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How Horses Help in Self Discovery

When we deal with our feelings often the problem or issue starts to break down.  It does not hold the power it once had.  What the horse teaches us is that feelings can be dealt with - diluted - and released in a way where the space within and around us changes energetically.  Yes, so called scars can still remain, but the perception can be altered.  An appreciation for the mindfulness of just being in the present with gratitude for all that is and that has passed.  We learn how to be at peace.  We explore how to zone in to our inner knowing, our intuition, to better serve self.


To show feelings is how problems are solved, or better yet, change life paths.  Sometimes we often veer away from these so called feelings for it is painful, or perceived painful.  We then internalize a state of weakness; fear; or vulnerability.  We see a negative, "something is wrong with me".  When we listen to our intuition we learn to surrender, we then begin to release that feeling.   When working with our feelings they serve as acknowledgment of working to find the best possible life path.  Upon this acceptance we have a beautiful realization; a  light is shone towards an answer.   During this change in feeling, you will find the freedom you seek.

  • When working with horses, "words" do not need to be exchanged.  Its the feelings behind the words that need a say. 

  • Horses pick up on energy vibrations, in other words they help us reveal these feelings to self.

  • Energy cannot be misrepresented.  A horse keeps you authentic.  A horse shows no judgement or compliancy.

  • Your role is to observe, acknowledge, react, and witness the change within.  

Tara Lee


 My name is Tara Lee and I live in the City of Kawartha Lakes.  Horses have been deemed very valuable in my lifetime, this far.  I knew about this unexplainable interconnected relationship with my equine family from an early start.   With a wealth of information received, I knew that my journey was to include the horse in a healing modality, so that others could receive the same beneficial insights that I had.  As someone with first-hand personal experience with PTSD, the during and the after years of my experiences, my equine family taught me ways in which I could release what no longer served me.  Once explored, these past experiences did not interfere with me living in the present.  Words have no value with a horse.  A mere energetic exchange is suffice.  Creating a safe space where a client and horse can explore these energetic exchanges, with no fear of judgement or expressions, there can be a release or gain.  A union of horse and client.  Yoga (the union of all things).  The horse’s connection to source, which then connects to your soul.   I welcome you to explore with self discovery, with my extended family, the horses. 



Certified RYS 200Hr Yoga Teacher 

Certified     Horse Wisdom Yoga ®Teacher 




Kawartha Lakes, Ontario Canada


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