How Horses Help in Self Discovery

"The rapid evolution of humankind began when we befriended horses.  No other animal in history has contributed to our "evolution" in the way that horses have.  From heroes to villains, royalty to poor, the alive and the departed, many historical myths and stories included the honouring of a Horse.  Somewhere along the way, this horse-human connection got lost as we began "using" horses for entertainment and recreation.  Now, the horses are inviting us to evolve on a deeper level and calling us back to our true nature of connection, creativity and compassion.

In more recent years, studies have shown that being in the presence of horses has incredible benefits to humans on many different levels.  Being prey animals, horses teach us about emotion regulation, the power of intention (sankalpa), our authenticity, and how to live in the present moment, from the heart space.  In this day and age, many humans live their day to day lives from the left side of the brain where ego is paramount.  Being around horses builds new neural pathways in humans, creating a bridge to the right side of the brain and to the heart while increasing creativity and mindfulness.  It is from this place that Yoga has its most profound effects.  When we are able to truly BE in our bodies and alleviate the chatter of the mind (citta vritti).

The Heart Math Institute has conducted extensive research to demonstrate that the heart is much more thatn an organ function of the body but that it actually receives information on an intuitive level, long before the brain processes it.  Studies have also shown that being in the heart resonance of horses has the ability to lower the human heart rate and blood pressure, creating a feeling of peace and wellness.  So many humans rarely take a full body breath.  Horses encourage us to breath this way, as predators will hold their breath before an attack, so while we practice breath exercises (pranayama) when around the horses, we increase our red blood cells (a benefit of full breath), thus increasing our ability to relax and release tension held in our body.  Horses help us build a bridge between our head and heart, supporting us on our journey to connection, and creativity.  They are incredible teachers of compassion as they stay present with us through our challenges, rather than seeking to "fix" us.  In sync with the Horse Wisdom, Yoga provides an opportunity to acknowledge the sensations of the mind, body and soul without judgement, on the journey to the Self, mirroring the Horse's acceptance and non-judgement."                                                                          


 Horse Wisdom Yoga


 My name is Tara Lee and I live in the City of Kawartha Lakes.  Horses have been deemed very valuable in my lifetime for almost 50 years.  I knew about this unexplainable interconnected relationship with my equine family from an early start.   With a wealth of information received, I knew that my journey was to include the horse in a healing module, so that others could receive the same beneficial insights that I had.  As someone with first-hand personal experience with PTSD, the during and the after years of my experiences, my equine family taught me ways in which I could release what no longer served me.  Once explored, these past experiences did not interfere with me living in the present.  Words have no value with a horse.  A mere energetic exchange is suffice.  Creating a safe space where a client and horse can explore these energetic exchanges, with no fear of judgement or expressions, there can be a release or gain.  A union of horse and client.  Yoga (the union of all things).  The horse’s connection to source, which then connects to your soul.   I welcome you to explore with self discovery, with my extended family, the horses.  Namaste


Certified RYS 200Hr Yoga Teacher (registered with Yoga Alliance)

Certified     Horse Wisdom Yoga Teacher (registered with Yoga Alliance)




City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario Canada



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